Eric Wainaina, Patoh Njuguna, and Frasha Collaborate On “Disco”

I am SO excited to announce the release of this song/video which I co-produced with the amazing Eric Wainaina. I also recorded and mixed. It’s a song by upcoming Kenyan artist Patoh Njuguna (a former student of Eric’s) called “Disco.” And it features Patoh, Eric, and the KILLER rapper Frasha from the hit Kenyan group P-Unit. An old-school jam with new-school flavor. And I want to make sure I give a huge shout-out to the great group of musicians here in Los Angeles who helped shape this track: Blake Straus on guitar, David Dudley-Corwin on bass, Taylor Dexter on drums, and “The Secret Weapon” Kevin Hastings on keyboards! Thanks to everyone! Here’s the video:

Emily Elbert “Until You Come Back To Me” Live At Studio Delux

The latest in our Live At Studio Delux session with the supremely talented Emily Elbert is now out! Her brilliant rendition of the Stevie Wonder-written Aretha Franklin tune “Until You Come Back To Me.”

VIDEO: Emily Elbert “Evolve” Live At Studio Delux!

The first video from our AMAZING session with incredible guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Emily Elbert is now live over on the Live At Studio Delux YouTube channel! We had a BLAST (though we always do) on this one. Such a blessing to be able to work with such incredible artists on these sessions, and this is no exception! Check out “Evolve!”

Tiny Stills “Falling Is Like Flying” Album OUT NOW!

For those who keep tabs on these things, you’ll know I’m INCREDIBLY proud to have co-produced, recorded, and mixed the new Tiny Stills album “Falling Is Like Flying.” I’ve been posting about it everywhere, and you’ve been able to buy physical copies at shows for about a month, but the big day is now here! The album is out everywhere! A number of features and promotions are going on right now, so I thought I’d collect them here in one easy-to-use blog post! Click the album title above for the iTunes link!

-7digital is giving away the first single from the album (“Starting Over Is A Lot Like Giving Up“) FOR FREE this week in celebration of the album release!

-Grooveshark is featuring the album in the “new releases” section on the front page of their site.

-CD Baby has the album for sale in its various forms, and TWEETED+INSTAGRAMMED ABOUT IT!

-If you’re of the Spotify persuasion, you can now stream the album there! Just please remember that purchase=support. So if you like what you hear, do the band a solid and buy a copy through one of the many digital outlets at your disposal!

Alain Johannes and Jack Irons Live At Studio Delux!

Last month we had the incredible pleasure of recording the amazing Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, What Is This?) and Jack Irons (Eleven, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Wallflowers) playing as an acoustic duo for Live At Studio Delux. The first video in the series, the Eleven classic “Reach Out,” is now live over on YouTube. At one point during this session, my venerable co-producer Matt Wallace scribbled the words, “We are SO LUCKY,” on his notepad and held it in front of me as Alain and Jack blew us out of the room with their performances. A feeling we did our best to capture, and share with you! Enjoy!

New Live At Studio Delux: Sidewalk Chalk perf. “Grocery List”

The latest video in our Live At Studio Delux series with Sidewalk Chalk is out now! They’re amazing original song “Grocery List.” Catch them July 10th at the final round of the AfroPunk Battle Of The Bands at Freecandy in Brooklyn, and help them win a spot in the AfroPunk Music Festival!

Eric Schwartz “Senator Whoever” Video

Those of you who know me know I’m a pretty political person. Some of you may agree with me, some may not. And that’s fine. It’s what a messy free democratic system of government is. But one issue that should concern all of us, no matter our political beliefs, is that of those with the most money having an obscenely out-sized voice in how our government is run. It was a problem over 100 years ago that took a brave visionary man (Theodore Roosevelt) to lead the forces of change. A man who would never have been president if the corporate barons of the gilded age had gotten their wish. They wanted him out of the governor’s mansion in New York State to make way for someone more business friendly, so they helped pave the way for him to become what they thought was a relatively harmless Vice President. Until, that is, President William McKinley (friend of the wealthy CEO) was assassinated.

And it is in that spirit that I’m thrilled to have worked on this cutting, sarcastic, biting, and uncomfortably truthful song by the very talented Eric Schwartz. It’s called “Senator Whoever,” and it’s off of his album, “The Aristocrat.” I think it pretty much speaks for itself, so I’ll let the song and video do the rest of the talking!

The Cold And Lovely “Oh My Love” Live @ Studio Delux

After a bit of a break, our Live At Studio Delux series with The Cold And Lovely continues with “Oh My Love.” Now streaming to your various devices on our YouTube Channel!

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The Cold And Lovely “Doll” Live At Studio Delux

Here’s the second video from our Live At Studio Delux session with The Cold And Lovely! “Doll” is the de facto single from their “Ellis Bell” EP, having been played regularly on KROQ in Los Angeles. And this performance certainly does it justice! It’s out today to get those of you attending SXSW in Austin primed for their week of performances (both official and unofficial) at the festival! Make sure to mark them on your calendar! The blissful shoegaze pop should not be missed!

The Cold And Lovely “Repetition” Live At Studio Delux

Man it’s been a really great year of projects so far. And this one sits near the top of my already healthy list of favorites! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Cold And Lovely performing their song “Repetition.” The first from the Live At Studio Delux session we filmed with them back in January. What an inspiring day of music, performance, and recording this was! Meg, Nicole, Jenn, and Erin brought the fire, and we were lucky enough to be there to capture it. Can’t wait to share the rest of these with you over the coming weeks! If you’re going to SXSW, be sure to mark March 11th on your calendar! The band will be appearing at BD Riley’s (204 E. 6th St.) for their official showcase that night.